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So, the thing is, I like to know where things are on a map.

More than once, I checked where was this and that location in a movie. By moving around a map, I have the feeling of knowing a city even without setting foot there. It allows me to relate more, link two points of interest together, appreciate the distances.

Anyway, beside the popular music videos and pranks, there are a ton of videos online that feature great locations. If they can be obvious to locals, they can remain a mystery for those who live elsewhere. I started to look around as I was watching some videos and found the locations where the shooting happened. Here my contribution to those like me who would like to see where things are on a map. I extended to other videos where the geographical aspect made sense to add context to the video (a racing track map for example)

More features may come later but at the moment, it’s already quite interesting.

I hope you appreciate the effort. It took many hours to draw the paths and synchronize the whole thing but the result is quite fun.

If you see any videos that could fit this concept, send me a line below and I’ll see what I can do (but please, not the 9-hour train trip in Norway. It’s just too much).

I use Mapbox for the map, because Open Street Map is awesome but I couldn’t have done the scouting/research part without Google Maps (and its Street View).


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